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Sun Rise: Reality Or Maya

Sun Rise: Reality Or Maya

I went to the seashore to see the sun rise

And was happy o see that gruesome moon setting

The days marked by that moon were cruel

Each day looked like being moulded in crucible.

Sorrow when I looked around

Misfortune when I looked within

Crying and hopelessness was the mood outside

Pessimism and betrayal was what I experienced.

In those dark days too did I see some brightness

I could sharper my mighty sword

I could see the things beyond maya and see reality

I saw my Lord Jesus standing by  me at every difficult moment.

Now as I see the sun gushing out of waters

It looks to me like a symbol of shouting in joy

The sun shines bright and beautiful

This makes me optimistic about 2013.

As the sun slowly moves upward

My mind is full of great expectations.

I have to wait and see if the optimism given by the sun

Will be real or end up as another maya episode.