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Nature celebrates wedding

Nature celebrates wedding

1. As I was passing thorough that pond

The movement of the lotuses towards

The centre of the pond caught my attention.

I stopped for a while to find

Why a garden of lotuses move towards the centre

2. As I was gazing closely

I could see a change in the colour of the water too

The usual yellowish-green is changed to crystal clear white

I asked to myself “Is any wedding happening in this pond?

Does this crystal clear water symbolize holy matrimony?”

3.Little later I found cute little fishes heading towards the centre.

As I was observing closely, I could observe that the

Fishes have dressed themselves with colourful scales.

I wondered and thought to myself,

“Is there a competition for Miss Fish or Mr. Fish?”

4. Immediately I noticed a decorated vehicle coming

From the other end of the pond

As I turned towards my opposite side,

I found a similar vehicle coming from the other end of the pond.

The vehicle seemed to be a well decorated boat.

5. I could trace one person each in each vehicle.

And I was trying to trace the boatman.

To my surprise I found no boatman too.

I was wondering how the vehicle is moving without a driver.

To my surprise I realized that it was a decorated dolphin

6. As the twilight of the dawn was slowly changing

And the reddish-golden rising sun is in all its splendour

I could see a heavenly angel appear between the dolphins.

With the waving of its wings it brought

Both the dolphins to the centre of the pond.

7. Now I could realize the ones seated on the dolphins.

On one of the dolphins was the hero of hills[i]

And on the other was the mother of all nations[ii]

The angel blew into air and made two garlands.

They were knitted with Biblical virtue of marriage.

8. The angel handed the garlands to both of them

As both exchanged the garlands to each other

A golden cap with inscription

“This marriage is initiated and approved in heaven”

Came from above and rested over them.

9. Immediately a short-sighted plumb he-parrot and his music team

Appeared in the sky and tossed jasmine flowers over them.

The fragrance of jasmine bestowed both of them with marital bliss.

And as the parrots started singing “Showers of blessing we plead”

A heavy shower of different kinds of flowers blessed the couple.

(This poem is written to celebrate the wedding of my friends and colleagues Anji and Sarah)

[i] Anji

[ii] Sarah