Why Men Fight

Why Men Fight

How wonderful the plants are?

Red flower in a plant with green leaves

Nest to it is a plant with yellow flower

Are they not expressing your love to all kinds?

God you created men in different kind

With yellow, black, brown, and red skin.

Are you, Lord, the one who created this mankind

and plants that spread sweet fragrance?

Oh God! Plants are of different kinds.

Do they fight with each other?

But men with differences fight. Why?

What is wrong with man? What is special with plants?

Father, My heavenly Father….

Help me to be like plants

Help our mankind to live in harmony

Exhibiting fragrance and beauty forever


Sun Rise: Reality Or Maya

Sun Rise: Reality Or Maya

I went to the seashore to see the sun rise

And was happy o see that gruesome moon setting

The days marked by that moon were cruel

Each day looked like being moulded in crucible.

Sorrow when I looked around

Misfortune when I looked within

Crying and hopelessness was the mood outside

Pessimism and betrayal was what I experienced.

In those dark days too did I see some brightness

I could sharper my mighty sword

I could see the things beyond maya and see reality

I saw my Lord Jesus standing by  me at every difficult moment.

Now as I see the sun gushing out of waters

It looks to me like a symbol of shouting in joy

The sun shines bright and beautiful

This makes me optimistic about 2013.

As the sun slowly moves upward

My mind is full of great expectations.

I have to wait and see if the optimism given by the sun

Will be real or end up as another maya episode.



A pleasant evening
Rain drops dripping down steadily
Frogs’ croaking piercing the ear drums
Speeding homeward birds singing sad notes.

Blackness clothed that 6 O’ clock evening
As electricity failed to light the bulb
Sister called out from her study
I downed my paint brush in flurry.

I groped to find the kerosene lamp
Sister vied with me, fright in darkness
I rubbed the box-side and warmed the sulpher
Scratched the stick and lit the lamp.

I held the spent-stick, a moment in hand
And pricked my sister’s face with the ember end
She screamed, I laughed, knew not the pain
Now I feel the wound in my every throb

Ps: Published in NMCC College magazine 2006

Accept me once again

Accept me once again

How uncomprehendable is your love to me?

You love me as I am looking neither my merits nor demerits

You accept me as I am. My actions against you can’t hold you from loving me

Your love overlooks all my inequities

Your love bought You to this sinful earth to be slaughtered as a sacrifice

For unfaithful sinners like me who always backslide after enjoying your love.

How great is that love which made God descend from His glory

Humble Him to the low level and identify Himself with sinful man

And show to the loveless mankind what love is.

Your love not only forgives my sin but also transforms me

Your love makes me take a U turn away from my wrong practices

Your love enables me to give up my inequities and live like your Child

Gracious, merciful and loving Lord Jesus, I want a fresh start.

Today I come to you as I am, requesting you to forgive all my sins and wrongdoings

Give me grace to keep me pure and accept me once again.

Quest for Reality (Draft)

Everything in the world is a maya
the face that smiles is a maya
it may be sarcastic or a means to hide the sorrow

everything in this world is maya
the crying face does not show innosence
it usually is with false tears and

everything is a maya
the praising mouth is a dupe
its funk are nothing but flattery or sugar coat to hide reality

everything is a maya
a pious man is a maya
his prayers are hypocrisy and his carrying of Bible and bowing at church to worship is nothing but a drama

the friendship of fallen man is a maya
‘you are my close friend’ is nothing but buttering to extract work
friendship becomes meaningless once work is accomplished

but i love you bhoomi matha
smiling sun of yours, naked animals, beauty clothed trees, shrubs and plants, powerful wind, flying birds and swimming fishes are real

Lord thank you for revealing my quest for reality
you the creator of the hypocrite man and real creatures is real

when you said you cry, you cried truely for my pain
When you saw injustice you could not bear it in reality
when you said you love me, you did love me by giving your life for me at the cross

Lord take me out of civilized city
take me to the deep jungle on the elevated mountain top
i want to eat natural fruits, inhale unpolluted air, commune with real animals and you in the visinity of your real creature.

Take me to the real jungle
i prefer to come to you by the bite of a real lion or tiger
Than die in mind and heart and live as a dead hypocrite.