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When will India have responsible government employees?

We live in a corrupt nation where no system works without bribe. Recent addition to my anger is a irresponsible railway employee in Bareilly Railway station on 17th of October 2012. “Enquiry” cabin in a railway station is one of the most important place. This is the place from where people can get their queries answered. But the arrogance of government employees in office deserve the cruellest punishment. A very big que was there and enquiring about different query related to their train travel. The only response of that employee sitting in the cabin was a nod. She did not utter even a word. After few minutes she went to gossip with her colleague without attending any of the queries of passenger. There was not even a single person in the cabin for more than half an hour. We beat our chest and say RTI is passed in our nation. But what right of information do we have when there is no one in the railway enquiry counter and if she is present does not respond?

Why this arrogance by the government employees? We need a better system in Indian government with performance appraisal and 360 degree feedback. The working culture we have in India is the most lazy working culture in the world. Here things move in only when they receive some tips or some pressure from politicians. When will we get a government which gives customer satisfaction?


The enquiry counter without any staff