Know God, mentor successors and give

Know God, Mentor and Give
(A Bible exposition of I Chronicles 29)

     As I was meditating I Chronicles 29, God spoke to me very powerfully. I will share few points which challenged me this morning.

Few qualities of God:

     Our God is the one who chooses people to do His ‘great task'(1). How merciful our God is to include us in His holy work!Greatness, power, glory, majesty and splendor is His(11). As we ponder over His greatness He is the great God to whom Heaven is the throne and earth the footstool(Act 7:49). His greatness is such that He send His only begotten Son for our salvation. His power is such that with His word He created the whole world. His strength is such great that He can give strength to all people(12) . His glory is so glorious that none can be alive after seeing It(Ex 33:20). His glory is like the sun shining in all its brilliance(Rev 1:16). His majesty and splendor are that great that He is exalted as head over all(11). Wealth and honor is in His hands. He is the ruler of all things. One day every tongue will confess ‘He is Lord’. Every knee will bow before His majestic throne. He is the one who can test ones innermost being. He is the one who tests ones heart and is pleased with integrity(17). How great our Lord is !!!!

The way God chooses people:

     Many times we are frustrated working with inexperienced and immature people. We long that people we work with be mature and experienced. But if we observe the way God chooses people we will wonder how wrong it is for us to think in those terms. He chose inexperienced, young Solomon to do a great task of building His temple(1). We can not get matured and experienced people unless they are trained. The responsibility of the mentors is to train their successors and provide them with all what is needed. Knowing well about the inexperience and immaturity of Solomon, David gives him advice. He provides him with all what is needed. He also prays to God for him and finally at the appointed time hands over the responsibility to Solomon. Knowing well that God chooses young and inexperienced people won’t we come forward to train our juniors, pray for them, talk to others about them, prepare floor for them and provide what they need? Many times we want God to give experienced and matured people. But we should not forget the fact that God wants us to mentor the inexperienced and young. Young people be ready to be properly mend by your seniors. Be with them and pray. Work with them. Learn as they teach you. Don’t get worried for you are young and inexperienced. God has given the great task of building students of our nation.

Few insights on giving:

     As we talk about giving we should understand the fact that everything that is in Heaven and earth is Gods(11). Every thing comes to us is coming to us from Him(14, 16). There is nothing in us to boast even if we give in abundance to Him(14, 16). From the life of David and Israelites, we learn that we should give willingly (6), wholeheartedly and freely(9), generously(14), abundantly(16), with humbleness(14) and with honest intent(17). Many times when it comes to giving we tend to be under pressure. We think many times before giving. But the example from David is that he and his people have freely. We should learn to give freely and trust in Him like the widow who offered everything(Mk 12:44). We should learn to give abundantly and generously. Here we find David and his people giving abundantly. When the Tabernacle was being made, pople brought things in abundant. Finally Moses had to restrain people from bringing(Ex 36:6,7). If we as EU-EGF decide to give in abundance there will be no question of deficit in our
constituency. When we give we should give with honest intent. Many times it so happens that people give to become popular, some times to get exemption
from income tax and yet another times we give so that we will get in abundance. Let us give without the sounds of trumpets(Mat 6:4). Let us learn to give in secret. When we give God will definitely bless us. No doubt about it. But we should not give with the intention to receive God’s blessing. Give unconditionally and freely. Blessing will automatically
follow. When we give we should be sure. God checks our hearts and is pleased in our integrity. When we give we should have humble heart. We should not be
proud for we have given to him. As David says "who am I, and my people, that we should be able to give as generously is this". Let us be humble like David as we give. One important thing that misses is challenging others to give. In v5 David challenges "who will follow my example and give offerings to the Lord today?" As per our faith policy we can inform our needs within our circle and encourage people to give. Can we take that as a challenge to encourage others to give?

     May the Lord God Almighty who reigns with greatness, power, strength, glory, honor, majesty and splendor help you to give freely from what He has given. Let up also remember that He choses young and inexperienced people to accomplish great task. May this challenge seniors to mentor successors and juniors to get encouraged to accomplish the great task.