Quiet Time


What is quiet time?

A time set apart with God alone where we have a time of personal
relationship with God through the meditation of the Word of God and Prayer (an
appointment with God).

Every man who ever became somebody for God has this at the core of his
priorities – time alone with God.

Objectives of Quiet Time:

That we should grow in our personal relationship with our God so that we can
know Him, Love Him and become more like Him.

Why should we have Quiet Time?

v To know God (Psal 46;
Phil 3:10)

v To have fellowship with God (Psal
116:1,2 ; Jere 33:3)

v To grow in grace and the knowledge of God (II Pet

v To grow up in salvation (I Pet 2:2)

v To get spiritual guidance (Psal

v To lead a Holy life (Psal
119: 9.11; 1:2 ; II Tim 3:16)

v To overcome trials and temptations (Mat :1-11)

v To preserve ourselves (Psal

v To be sound in doctrine (Acts: 17:11)

v To see ourselves (Jam 1:23,24 ; Heb 4 12; Pro

v To have daily cleansing (Psal
119 :9; Jn 17:17 ;15:3 ; Jere
23 :29)

v To get spiritual strength (Psal

v To lead a victorious life (Josh 1:8; Psal 1)

Where can we have quiet time?

Secluded, quiet (Mark 1:35) comfortable place.

When can we have quiet time?

ü Daily (Psal 116:1,2)

ü Any time; preferably in the morning as we should
give our best time of the day to God. (Don ’t dump God
with the leftover time!!!) (Psal 5:3; Mark 1 :35; Gen 19:27; Ex 34:2).

ü May be in the evening time too (Gen 24)

ü Don’t try for a two hours quiet time at first.
Don’t be time conscious.

ü Emphasize quality and not quantity.

ü Set a time and be consistent in it.

What should we need to have Quiet?

  • Materials:
    Bible, hymn book, note book, pen, devotional guides (Beware, devotional
    guides should not replace Bible. Bible should be the primary source)
  • Attitudes
  • Expectancy (Psal 63:1; 5:3; 119:8 , Habb
    2: 1)
  • Reverence (Habb 2: 20; Psal 89: 7)
  • Willingness to learn &
    obey (John 14:15 ; I Sam 15 :22; Psal 86: 11 ,
    143: 8)
  • Alertness (Rev 3:6)
  • Get wide awake before
    you take quiet time. God deserves your full

How to do Quiet Time?

  1. Relax: Wait
    on God. Be still for a minute. Don’t come running into God’s presence and
    start talking to God or hearing from Him.
  1. Request:
    Pray briefly seeking God’s guidance (Jhn 14 to
    understand the passage you read and ask God to show our sins (Psal 139 :23
  1. Read: Read,
    read and re-read …
  1. Record:
    Record in ASPECT? format.

A Attributes of God, heaven, eternal life,
etc; God’s character and deeds

S Sins to avoid. Learned
from warnings, teachings and from negative characters.

P – Promises to claim.
Remember to note the condition for the fulfillment of promises.

E Examples to follow. Positive
lessons from good characters.
Negative examples to be cautious

CCommands to obey.

Ta) Things newly learned

b)Theme of the passage. A caption that sums up the gist of the passage.

? What does God expect from me

  1. Reflect and remember:
    Meditate and apply what you recorded in regard to your personal life.
    Instead of being unrealistic, make specific and strong resolutions.
  1. Request:
    Rely on God to follow the decisions you have taken. Our quiet time has to
    end with a prayer time with a time of personal recommitments, reaffirming
    the Lordship of Jesus and pledge your submission and obedience for that
    day. Our prayer should contain ACTS!!!! A( adoration I Chro
    29 C(confession Psal 66 Thanks giving I Thes 5 & S(Supplication I Jn
  1. Recheck: Recollect
    what God spoke to you before you go to bed or when you are free and
    evaluate yourself. (Psal 1)

Few challenges:

Laziness, busyness, external disturbance, wandering of
mind, unconfessed sins, etc.

Consequence of neglecting Quiet time:

v Carelessness of life

v Slackness in the discharge of ones

v Inability to resist temptation and sinful desire.

v Left robbed of our joy in the Lord and our
usefulness in His service.

Benefits of doing quiet time

  • Receiving God’s strength for
    the day
  • Nourishment for soul
  • Knowing God’s will
  • Being saved from taking
  • Equipped to help others
  • May the Lord help you to
    have a meaningful quiet time all through your life.

Model quiet time format

Ezra 1


9.01- 9.21

My room


God stirs up the spirit of people for His work (1)
God of Heaven (2)
God rises the spirit of people to do His work (5)




God is rising the spirit of people in Allahabad region to bild
God’s kingdom among students community in Alahabad


G.E (King) Encouraging & challenging people to build the house (3)
G.E (People) Willingly offering




Prophecies or promises of God will be fulfilled (1)


Encourage and challenge people to build God’s Kingdom


Kindle (Theme)

Verse to remember



Prepared by Benalin. C.R. for Varanasi ICEU DTC ’10 at Kachhwa Christian Hospital,

Sources: Materials on Quiet time prepared by Mr. Varughese Thomas, Mr. Pradyush Nayak(CMTC
08), Mr. Saji Easo, Ms Nivedita (TLM 09) and Ms. Grace Darling Panmei
(DTC 08)