Welcome! I will be posting my thoughts on various subjects in the form of devotional articles, Bible expositions, Stories, Poems and featured articles. Please do write to me if you do not agree with my thoughts and ways of expressions. Keep reading, post your comments and be blessed.

A small not about me:

I am a soft & serious guy, saved by the grace of Lord Jesus Christ to accomplish the task He has kept for me. Having studied literature, I try to look everthing in a critical prespective with the help of literary criticism and theories.

My mission of life:

To be a prophetic voice (esp, through writing) and to be an agent in taking the transforming good news to the areas that need transformation, (especially the challenging places [places where people do not wish to go], and to the intellectual group of people) being an agent of transformation and initiate a movement of transformation in those places by Biblical values withcontextual relevance ( socio-economic and cultural relevance)

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