Memories of My Father

My father.

My father Mr. Velayudan Chella Nadan is a person who influenced my life most. He went to be with the Lord before 10 yrs this same day. He comes from a poor Hindu family. In initial days he does not go to church. I too stay with him. For about 3 yrs I did this. I thank for that years of silence because these days helped me not just follow Christianity because I am born in a family where my mother is a Christian but helped me to think and take a decision for myself.. I am deeply indebted for him for my cultural understanding of Hinduism and socialism which I hold dear till many years. Every year I used to go with him to one particular temple in his village where we see festivals. I admire him for his taste for literature. He always discuss Tamil literature with us. He also amuze us by singing his time favourit cini songd from movies of Shivaji Ganesan, MGR and others. One of the famous song that he sings is still echoing in my heart “varavu ettana, selavu pathana from movie Bama Vijayam ( which obviously portrayed his way of managing finance. My mother used to get irritated on hearing movie songs). That has come into my blood too. He is really a hard worker. Apart from teaching in school he is actively involved in tilling field. He himself tills the ground to plant banana tree, tapioca, other roots, chilli, spinach, tomato, etc. He himself carry water and water them. He is very good in socializing with people unlike me. Every morning he wakes up in the morning @ 4.00, cut vegetables for my mother and then go to have a chat with friends and have a zip of tea in a village shop (of which my mother highly disapproved). He was there to extend help to whomever approached him. I remember him encouraging atleast 5-6 people to apply for government exam. He himself had taken pains to take some of them to interview spots to different pars of Tamil Nadu and today many of them are teachers. He was very thorough with government rules and regulations. Every other days someone will come to our home either to fill some application form or ask some guidance in this terms. All the people in my village hold him in high regard for this. Whenever my strict mother beats me he always come to help me and scolds my mother for that. I remember those days when pappa comes after any out station visit we will be waiting for some ‘pandam’ (some eatable snacks). He wanted me to become an agricultural officer. But I became a Bible teacher. I hope for a day when I can see Him in heaven. I thank God for His help for helping me, sister Benila Bensan  and mummy inspite of difficult times we faced.


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