Archive | October 8, 2012

Call for courageous writing

Insights from my short meditation on Jeremiah 36. In this passage i could see the roles of a Christian writer. He is as powerful as a prophet. The concept of whiste blowing and courageous journalism is not alien to a Christian thought. We can see a parallel between Courageous journalist, whistle blowers and prophets mentioned in Bible. What follows is a short outline of my meditation from Jeremiah 36

– God wants to use writing as communicating His voice. Specially He uses it as a means to help people to accept God’s forgiveness (v1 – 3)
– a writer s supposed to get insights from God and translate them into writing (v 4)
– a writer s not alone responsible for writing but to see that his writing reaches the target audience (v 5-10)
– God protects His writers for accomplishing His purpose. (v 11- 27)
– a writer has to call a spade a spade and should be ready to face even evil consequenses. But no compromise on content. (v 29, 32)
– a writer should not give up his effort of communicating God’s voice to people even if his writing is rejected or destroyed (v 28- 31)

? – am i ready to be a whistle blower for God which will help the people who read me to experience God’s forgiveness?
? – am i ready to sit with God and get His insights on social issues we face and give a God’s perspective to my readers?
– am i ready to risk myself in telling the truth?