Accept me once again

Accept me once again

How uncomprehendable is your love to me?

You love me as I am looking neither my merits nor demerits

You accept me as I am. My actions against you can’t hold you from loving me

Your love overlooks all my inequities

Your love bought You to this sinful earth to be slaughtered as a sacrifice

For unfaithful sinners like me who always backslide after enjoying your love.

How great is that love which made God descend from His glory

Humble Him to the low level and identify Himself with sinful man

And show to the loveless mankind what love is.

Your love not only forgives my sin but also transforms me

Your love makes me take a U turn away from my wrong practices

Your love enables me to give up my inequities and live like your Child

Gracious, merciful and loving Lord Jesus, I want a fresh start.

Today I come to you as I am, requesting you to forgive all my sins and wrongdoings

Give me grace to keep me pure and accept me once again.


10 thoughts on “Accept me once again

  1. Wonderfully captured Benalin. Almost like a song of worship, leading one into a prayer with God. One suggestion though. When writing a post, there is a spell checker option at the top which you can turn on. (I don’t think it’s theme dependent. I use WordPress too, and this feature helps me to get all my spellings right). You just have to do it once. It’s stays on for every post after that. Cheers 🙂

    • Sorry for the late reply brother. Truely said indeed brother. Every new time we experience God’s forgiveness it gives us new confidence to worship Him with awe and reverence

  2. Very nice poem Benalin, really deep thoughts, really enjoyed reading it. However, I find you can reword 2 lines toward the end which are not very clear in my humble opinion.

    “Your love not alone forgives my sin but also transforms me

    Your love makes me have a U turn to my wrong practices”…

    both these lines have great thoughts but the way you have put it is confusing Benalin. Maybe it could be reworded as “Your love not only forgives my sin but also transforms me”

    And the next line could be reworded as..”Your love makes me take a U turn away from my wrong practices”

    • I am really excited to have you as one of my readers who can offer valuable suggestions. Thank you very much. I am greatly thankful for your comment. I have made necessary correction. Sorry for late reply.

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