Family Reunion

Family reunion

A tiny cute butterfly, Grahana

With her mother butterfly-

Wrapped in new feathers

With beautiful pencily legs

Came flying to see the father fly.

Two days have past

Since Grahana met her father fly.

At times it sees him in dream

As if she hangs on his legs and fly with him

Some other time, as he feeds nectar to it.

All of a sudden the little fly

Broke into tears as she discovers it to be a dream.

Mummy fly makes her to sit on her back

And shows beautiful flowers and makes her calm.

When Grahana falls asleep, she weeps thinking of the father fly.

They both counted down the hours

And waited the hour when they can meet pappa fly.

Grahana was thrilled in mind to see

Pappa fly’s structure in his absence and imagines:

Will he be like snake gourd or a pumpkin?

That day arrived when they all met together.

Seeing Grahana from a distance

The pappa fly buzzed aloud “mole*”.

His face shined brighter than the noon sun.

Grahana flew in the speed of an airplane,

Kissed the father fly and sat on his back.

Three of them were as delighted as

A panting deer discovering water.

*Mole – a Malayalam word synonymous for daughter.

Wrote in Dehradun when Pushpa dhidhi and Anugraha met Varughese bhaya after their trip to Kerala.

Written in CMTC ’08 in Dehradun


3 thoughts on “Family Reunion

  1. ‘The last word’ of the first line in the second stanza (past) has the spelling as mentioned in the bracket. I just want to know, whether the author has used this spelling deliberately with any purpose?

    Moreover, this poem reminds me of another poem which the author had written when he was a U.G student. The poem was about the guilty feeling of the author against the deed done to his lovely sister in an evening when the need for the kindling of a candle or kerosene light was felt. The author had wounded his lovely sister with the ember of a matchstick. I can take the little butterfly as the author’ sister and the ‘suffering of separation’ in the poem to that of the separation time that had been prevailing between then author and the sister after the sympathetic incident of wounding with the ember. Moreover, the reunion can be compared to the reunion of the author and his sister after a while when the problem was over. the mother may refer to the author’s mother who might have told the daughter to go for a compromise with the author there by to search and seek his brotherly love for the reunion. In the poem, it has been mentioned the reunion of the little butterfly, her mother and the father. There may be a confusion that ‘the brother role’ is not mentioned in the poem. If that is the case, the author’s sister might have considered the ‘author in the role of her father’ as she has never felt the love and care of her father, but only that of the brother. Her brother has given and done to her whatever a father can give and do to his daughter. So, apart from the author’s creativity, this poem can be considered a self reflection of the past by the author. Technically speaking, this can be called an autobiographical poem.

    Hi Benalin…. I end my words here as I don’t have much time…

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